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Welcome to this small collection of my articles. Watch this page for updates. If you can't find the kind of writing sample you are looking for, please feel free to contact me.

My professional blog: Write Armed
My personal blog: Tiny Mantras

Every Student Deserves a Legacy (offsite). Since spring of 2004, I have been part of the KnowledgeWorks Foundation's award-winning storytelling project. During that time, I have spent many hours at local urban high schools, witnessing some of their daily struggles as they undergo reform efforts funded by KnowledgeWorks (in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). You can find my piece on Brookhaven High School in the 2006 publication "Small Moments, Big Dreams," as well as pieces on Brookhaven and Africentric Early College in the 2007 publications. You can also read a piece I wrote about the experience of storytelling in the foundation's "think tank" publication, Primer, here.

Concert Reviews
Rreviews of arena spectacles and club shows.

News Features
In-depth stories about trends, themes, and not-so rich and famous people.

Interviews & Profiles
Insights into the lives and work of artists, authors and other interesting people.

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A selection of svelte CD, video and book reviews, as well as examples of 'Net-friendly prose and modest web design.


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