Over the years, I've interviewed and written about a fair number of well-known artists and entertainers. And while I've enjoyed that immensely, it pales in comparison to giving lesser-known people rock-star treatment, particularly those who do meaningful work. I am interested in people and finding out why they do what they do, whether I am writing 150 words or 15,000 about them. It is my hope that readers come away from my writing with an intimate sense of the people, places and issues that I cover.

I am at least 70 percent geek. From my earliest newspaper jobs, I felt that learning the technology involved in publishing was important to my writing. I am well-versed in the software and tools that designers and programmers use. As a result, I've created content for magazines, public radio news broadcasts, web sites, email newsletters and even cell phones over the years. I can construct in-depth narratives for print publications, but I also understand the demands of new media, and have experience writing and packaging digital content.

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